About Us


Flying Llama Studios project was started in 2014 by Daniel Roth, Mark Wilson and Stephen Aldworth. We started making terrible Youtube videos for a bit of fun and eventually branched out into podcasting and even a brief attempt at internet Radio! Our Podcasts are federated to radio stations such as Forest FM and our live shows are broadcast on Twitch, Youtube and Facebook Live.

2021 has seen the return of Free to Fail after a 5 year break and Babblefish is steadily growing in listenership / Viewership and is also available now on SoundCloud and is streamed from all around the world.

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Cast and Crew:
Chief Dogsbody: Daniel ‘Lorcian’ Roth

Daniel ‘Lorcian’ Roth – Babblefish / Free to Fail
Mark ‘Crace’ Wilson – Babblefish / Free to Fail
Nik ‘Brewnor’ Johnson – Free To Fail

Stephen Aldworth – Babblefish